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Research Interests

African political economy; Sino-African diplomatic and trade relations; Sino-African history; colonial and post-colonial African politics; African foreign policies; Chinese foreign policy

My Focus

In recent decades Africa has drawn new actors seeking economic opportunity, many of them from China. China has emerged so rapidly in Africa that it has practically displaced the West as the continent’s primary driver of trade and economic development. The central focus of my research agenda has been to document and analyze the profound changes in Africa's political and economic landscapes resulting from its interactions with China. The field of Sino-African relations examines the historical, political, economic, and cultural relationships between African nations and China. My scholarship has centered on the following themes: 1) African agency in political and economic engagements with China, 2) China's trade, aid, and investment in Africa, and 3) Chinese public diplomacy.

In addition to my scholarship in the field of Sino-African relations, I have also worked with colleagues to publish materials connected to my teaching and service activities. I co-edited with Dr. Msia Kibona Clark the Department of African Studies’ first digital textbook written by graduate students and faculty, Introduction to Contemporary Africa (Kendall Hunt). Learn more about my work via my Google Scholar Profile and my Howard University People Profile.

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